Hello All,
                I’m Ar Careen pronounced R-sa-reen or Serene for short.  I am happily married to my husband Richard and we have a beautiful daughter named Kyona (just recently turned 21) and we live in Detroit Mi.

Recently unemployed, I started Flirty Girl personal style and beauty blog because I have a passion for fashion and all things that help to make a woman feel her best at all times. I love mixing high/low end fashions to come up with a style that’s all my own. I am obsessed with perfumes and lipsticks. I believe on a bad day that’s all a woman needs to lift her spirits.

 I have loved fashion ever since my grandmother introduced me to it at a very young age. Her closet was full of furs and leather, and her expensive taste in jewelry got my attention. Despite her age my grandmother would always turn heads with her sense of style.
My grandmother would always say “Pretty is as Pretty Does” That’s something that has always stuck with me when it comes to clothes and fashion and through my thoughts, pictures and insight that’s something that I want my readers to embody as well.

I don’t try to emulate anyone, I do what works for me with the hopes of inspiring others.

 I hope you enjoy my journey!

If you want to learn more about me please feel free to contact me @ Flirtygirlstyle@gmail.com

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